Interior Finishes:

Soft, Blended

Bold, Fun, Patterned

3-D Texturing

Art on Walls, Homes:

Murals in Homes

Stone, Brick, Tile

Nature Theme

Sports Theme


Children's Rooms

Art on Walls, Businesses:

Murals in Businesses


Doctors' Offices

Main Street Pizza

Versailles Inn

Dorothy Love

Massage Studio

Sidney Floors

Art on Canvas:

Series I: Noah's Ark


Pet Portraits

Current Works

Canvas Pricing

Before - and - After

Interested in visualizing how much a room can change with a little paint? Sometimes it helps to see what a project looked like beforehand, and compare it to the final product. Check out the comparisons in these before-and-after pictures  ... and begin to picture what you want your rooms to transform into!

Click Here to see before-and-afters