Hi! I'm Mila Duning-Hamilton.
I have been an interior decorative muralist and faux finisher since 1989, and owner of Gallery 2:TEN in Sidney, OH since 2013.

Art Education

Art / Business Management & Admin.
  • Concordia University  -  Ann Arbor, MI
  • Indiana University East  -  Richmond, IN
Martin Alan Hirsch Decorative Finishes Studio - 
Polished Portfolio Workshop


My inspiration for walls is resourced mostly from  you, my clients. I have a whole lot of fun meeting with you in your homes or businesses, discussing what you like and don't like, and getting as personal as I can to ensure that the results we achieve are a reflection of you.
Resources can be pulled from many different places of influence -- collections, hobbies, travels, lifestyles, fetishes, grandma's fancy piece of china or an aged terra cotta piece of pottery. Those inspirations, along with a little creativity, can always keep each design unique. 
Styles and color trends are continually changing (as they have done dramatically during my career!) and I enjoy being creative, and working to add the right touch of personalization, so the outcome is as timeless as possible.
There are endless ways to enliven an interior ... why not allow an illusion created with paint to transform your rooms? The enjoyment you feel every time you walk into a transformed room is exciting. It's called the WOW factor. The moods created can range from relaxing to entertaining, while at the same time holding the satisfaction of reflecting a personality unique to its inhabitants. With decorative painting, you have free rein to exercise your whims well beyond the ordinary!